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Convenience as an Essential Part of Life Post-pandemic

The pandemic that’s been going on for the past two years has left no part of everyday life untouched. The new normal has brought up changes in how we communicate, do business and has even affected our mental and physical health. It’s no surprise that a majority of people have undergone tremendous lifestyle changes during

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Outdoor Living Space: How It Supports Your Wellness

Assume you come home from work on a hot summer day, take an ice-cold beverage, and relax outdoors on your lovely back patio, or you have a pool party or barbeque in your backyard. These are a few examples of outdoor activities you can do at home. Outdoor living is defined as establishing a place

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5 Unconventional Business Ideas for Unconventional People

If you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit but also a quirky side that doesn’t want to take the usual route, you might want to look into starting your own unique business. These business ideas might seem odd at first, and you might even wonder if they really attract customers. But catering to a niche, however small,

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The Meaning Behind Lorde’s New Song Called “Mood Ring”

Many subcultures, movements, and zeitgeists formed throughout the past decades, and they have continued to influence the current trends. There were the goths, the punks, the beat generation, the emos, the hipsters, and many more. They’re all cool and fascinating, but each attracts some divisive opinions towards them. One of those movements is New Age

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Pandemic Wedding Planning

We have all been forced to stay at home and follow strict quarantine guidelines since the global health crisis started last year. This COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the wedding industry and the wedding dates of many soon-to-be-wed couples worldwide. For many couples, this pandemic has ruined many of their plans and set dates with

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How to Style Insta-worthy Open Shelves

Maybe you’ve got kitchen envy from all the gorgeous open shelving photos you see in your feed daily or have been wanting open shelving for some time. But you’re not a hundred percent that you can make open shelving work in your kitchen. If you’re looking to incorporate open shelves in your kitchen, here are

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Traditional Interior Design Features That Take Up Space

Not all of us are lucky to have huge spacious homes. But sadly, most of us have been riddled with architectural and interior design traditions that are more appropriate for large spaces. We overlook these space-hogging features mostly because we are used to seeing them everywhere. Go over your home and see how many of

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Choosing the Right Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Bodies are categorized according to their shape. Understanding your body shape is crucial when you choose the contents of your wardrobe, especially your swimwear. Activewear made here in Canada are naturally body-hugging, so you must choose pieces that will flatter your body. You should do this to strut your stuff confidently in style. If you have a

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A Guide to Starting a Hobby as an Adult

Not everyone is lucky enough to keep up with their hobbies from childhood. Lives get busy, after all, and you might end up having no time for it in the chaos of growing up. However, when you’re an adult, you can have more free time. This is where hobbies come in. It can be hard

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Types of Shanks for Wedding Bands

Few things are meant to stick with you longer than your wedding band. In most cases, unfortunately, few couples pay much attention to their wedding band. They will only settle for what they deem as the best-looking option in the shop and one which meets their budget. The ideal choice when shopping for a wedding

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